Applying For Car Title Loan With Us!


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Fill our application form available on the website to get started with the car title loan. We will use this information to analyse the loan amount you are entitled for!


Easy Paperwork

You just need to submit a couple of essential documents to avail the loan. Our interest rates are lower than our competitors and other banking institutions so you don’t have to worry about repaying a heft amount.


Obtain Cash

The amount we can provide is determined by the value of your car. Depending on the make, model, year and condition of the year, our loan can vary from $100 to $7500.


Keep your car

Your vehicle is your asset; don’t let a loan process slow down your lifestyle. Our car title loan allows you to keep your vehicle and keep the cash.

Our Special Features

Liner—We provide a perfect platform to get a loan based on the value of your car!

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    Quick, Easy Process

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    Fliexible Payment Method

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    Competitive Interest Rate

About A Car Cash

A Car Cash is capitalising on the growing need to use alternative financing solutions. Our leaders recognises that citizens in Canada should not go through the hassle with banks, or pay hefty interest rates on other credit facilities.

We offer car title loans across Ontario. Not only we offer higher loan amount but also a flexible repayment plan to help you finance your urgent financial needs. If you require money for emergency medical bills, unexpected home repairs, or for some other urgency, our car title loan is certainly an option to get started. Start the process by simply filling a form on our website.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can I repay the loan earlier than what my agreement states?

    Of course! You can pay back your loan as quickly as you want, and that too without any hidden interest or pre-payment penalties.

  • 2. Will a title loan help me avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy?

    Although a title loan is not a long-term solution, it can still help you for the meantime while you work your way back to sound financial situation.

  • 3. Why take a title loan?

    Reasons vary as per the preferences of people. Perhaps, they need some help until their next payday or having a difficult month due to extra expenses. Or, they just want to do something special with some extra money.

  • 4. Why choose A Car Cash title loans?

    It’s simple! We offer the lowest interest rate in Ontario, and get our customers the maximum cash according to the value of their car. Our customers don’t have to go through a credit check to get the loan sanctioned.

We Are Here To Help You

Minimum repayment period of 3 months and maximum repayment period of 24 months. Loans can be repaid early at any time with no early payment fees. Our APR ranges from 14.95% to 29% depending on the information you provide with your loan application. Example: Loan calculation $1,000.00 at 29% interest with 12 monthly payments Total Payments: $1,163.95 Total Interest: $163.95 By submitting our application, you agree to allow us and all participating lenders to verify your information or introduce you to a number of finance providers for loan approval.