Frequently Asked Questions

We will require information on your vehicle, like the model, make and condition of your car, and a valid Canadian driver’s license.
Although a title loan is not a long-term solution, it can still help you for the mean time while you work your way back to sound financial situation.
Reasons vary as per the preferences of people. Perhaps, they need some help until their next payday or having a difficult month due to extra expenses. Or, they just want to do something special with some extra money. Title loans are good options in such times as cash can be deposited in your account within a couple of hours.
It’s simple! We offer the lowest interest rate in Ontario, and get our customers the maximum cash according to the value of their car. Our customers don’t have to go through a credit check to get the loan sanctioned.
Of course! You can pay back your loan as quickly as you want, and that too without any hidden interest or pre-payment penalties.
The title loan process is very easy and fast. Simply apply online and one of our title loan specialist will contact you within 1 hour during normal business hours. Once you have been pre-approved we need to complete a quick 5-minute inspection of your vehicle. When this process is complete you will receive your funds immediately.
All payments are made by credit card, money order or Money Gram.
No credit checks are required when you apply for a title loan. We only use the collateral in your vehicle. In the event of a default on the loan, nothing is reported to credit bureaus but you may lose possession of the collateral.
With a title loan we base the loan amount on the value of your vehicle. The loan offer can be up to $5,000.

Minimum repayment period of 3 months and maximum repayment period of 24 months. Loans can be repaid early at any time with no early payment fees. Our APR ranges from 14.95% to 29% depending on the information you provide with your loan application. Example: Loan calculation $1,000.00 at 29% interest with 12 monthly payments Total Payments: $1,163.95 Total Interest: $163.95 By submitting our application, you agree to allow us and all participating lenders to verify your information or introduce you to a number of finance providers for loan approval.